Mine the depths of the Bible

You want to learn more about the Bible and the God who is revealed in it. The Biblical Studies program teaches students the main message of the Bible to prepare for professional church work, future studies, or to be a more informed lay leader in your Christian congregation.


This program is also available as a minor.

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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview
The Biblical Studies program lays out a good foundation for further work not only in the LCMS but for all Christian denominations. This program offers classes that all Christian students can be prepared for church work or simply because they want to know more about the Bible and the God who is revealed in it. At the same time, this is a great program for Lutheran students who want to focus on the Bible itself.
What to Expect

With this program, students will explain and analyze the basic tenets of the Christian faith and will apply the Christian worldview and doctrines to current situations (personal, professional, and societal) and to historical problems and situations.

Biblical Studies graduates can expect to:

  • Develop an understanding of the origin of the Bible, recognize the unique qualities of God's word, appreciate the varied yet unified content of the Old and New Testaments, and use sound principles in interpreting Scripture.
  • Recognize the Bible as the authoritative source for knowledge of God and humankind, articulate key doctrines of the Christian faith, especially the gospel of Jesus Christ, and apply the teachings of Scripture to the life of the individual.
  • Develop an appreciation for how God has worked in history, recognize key figures and movements in the life of the Church, and identify the state of theology today.
  • Grow in their relationship with Christ and put His teachings into practice in their vocations.
  • Observe, assess, and interpret today's cultures and world views. Students will be familiar with various methods of delivering and defending biblical truth in a relevant and practical way to diverse groups.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research skills in the discipline.

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