How to report a crime

Anonymous Tip Form

Campus Safety: ext. 4344 from an on-campus phone or 262-243-4344 from off-campus
Emergency: 9-911 (if calling on campus)

If you see a crime in progress or see that one has occurred:

  • Immediately call Campus Safety at ext. 4344
  • In an emergency call the Mequon Police Department at 9-911 (on campus)

What to do once you’re safe

Try to remember as much information as possible.

Here is a helpful list of information authorities may need in an investigation

Description of a person:
  • What color hair did they have?
  • How tall where they?
  • Did they have a beard or mustache?
  • Did you notice any other facial features?  
  • What was the person last seen wearing?
  • Did the person have any distinguishing features like a tattoo or a birthmark?
Description of an object:
  • Note basics like size, color and shape
  • Note identifying features such as a full or partial license plate number, an odor, etc
Description of an incident:
  • Stay as objective as possible
  • Try and answer as many of the following as you can: who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • Keep events in chronological order as much as possible
  • State where you were standing or sitting at the time of the incident

Information provided in partnership with PaperClip Communications “Staying Safe on Campus".