CUW Sensory Lab (Chemnitz 014)

Welcome to Concordia University’s Sensory Room. We are pleased to offer this self-service resource to all of our students and appreciate your participation. This Sensory Room is the product of collaboration between CUW and AbleLight College; and generous donations have made it possible from CUW’s SGA and The Knights of Columbus. Feedback about your experience will be valuable in helping us to improve the sensory room. Below is information that will help you to understand and make the most of your experience.


I. CUW and AbleLight College’s Sensory Room:

Sensory Room services are provided free of charge for students who want to optimize their achievement, success, sensory regulation, and holistic wellbeing through the development of stress management skills and sensory regulation. The Sensory Room is not intended to diagnose mental, emotional, or psychological disorders. The sensory room is intended to provide specific knowledge and skills to all students experiencing sensory dysregulation.

II. Logistics of the Sensory Room Process:

Once you have reviewed this page, you may access it 24/7 using your CUW ID card.

III. Confidentiality:

The Sensory Room is not a confidential relationship and services provided through the sensory lab are not considered professional counseling. Any services and tools utilized in the sensory room is not part of your educational record but is protected by the Family Educational Rights Protection Act (FERPA). Information collected from your use of the sensory room may be shared in aggregate for purposes of funding, administration, research, and publicity. The goals of sharing any such information would be to improve the resources available to the overall campus population and improve its functionality and accessibility. Every effort will be made to respect your privacy, but ultimately, privacy in this relationship can only be fully ensured by what information you choose to keep to yourself. Your sensory room use is not part of any other university record.

IV. Limitations, Potential Risks, and Benefits of Sensory Room Services:

Most individuals find the sensory room to be beneficial in sensory regulation and utilizing tools for stress management. If concerns arise outside of the scope of the sensory room, please reach out to a CUW employee in your residence hall for more resources.

V. Recourse for Dissatisfaction with Services:

You are encouraged to address any concerns or questions that arise during your use of the sensory room with a representative from AbleLight College ( and/or Residence Life (

Informed consent