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Admissions Requirements for Professional Programs

Admission requirements are specific to professional programs, including:

Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs

General requirements for admission to Graduate Studies are:
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 for full acceptance
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution

*Each program may have different or additional requirements.

The Admissions Process - Graduate School

1. Application
Please submit the following:
  • Application form available at: www.cuw.edu/apply
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • One page essay describing desire for a graduate degree
  • Résumé of your education and employment experience
  • Two signed letters of recommendation using the Recommendation Form (recommendation letters on letterhead may also be submitted)
  • All official transcripts leading to your bachelor’s degree
Please note:
  • Graduate entrance exams (like the GRE) are not required
  • If you have completed graduate level classes in the last seven years and wish to have them evaluated for possible transfer, please submit these transcripts or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.
  • International students should contact the Office of International Student Services at international.admissions@cuw.edu for additional application requirements
2. Evaluation
When an applicant’s file is complete, the file is forwarded to the Admission Committee.
  • The Admission Committee will make one of four decisions:
    • The student is unconditionally admitted to the program
    • The student is admitted, but it’s contingent upon conditions stipulated in the acceptance letter. If the student was required to meet pre-admission conditions, the candidate must provide documented proof to the Graduate Admission Counselor.
    • The student is admitted as a provisional student, whose admission allows them to take prerequisite courses only. Upon completion of prerequisite courses, admission status is changed to conditional or unconditional acceptance.
    • The student is denied admission to Graduate Studies. A letter is sent to the applicant with the decision of the Admission Committee.
3. Admission
Admitted students will receive:
  • An acceptance letter
  • Name and contact information of the student’s Advisor
  • Student’s Falcon One Student ID number
*Password information to access my.cuw.edu will be sent separately from the Information Technology office. Students should contact their advisor prior to registering for courses.

4. Orientation
Once you have passed admissions, you will receive an email invitation to Blackboard.
Blackboard is the platform we use to submit classwork to our students online.
*Before you jump into your classes, you must go through a brief online orientation. You’ll be instructed to read through the material then complete a series of quizzes. Once you've passed all five quizzes, you’ll be ready for class as a CUW Falcon!