Faith Community/Parish Nursing and Congregational Health Ministries will focus on the Christian aspect of caregiving in the church. The primary focus will be on the specialty of nursing called faith community nursing also known as parish nursing.

Team taught by nursing and theology, the course is divided into 8 one-week units which include the theological foundation of Christian caregiving, health and healing, and the meaning of pain and suffering. There is a strong emphasis on how to begin a congregational health ministry in a church and the nuts and bolts of faith community/parish nursing including roles and models of implementation.

Faith Community Nursing is a nurse specialty that is recognized for the intentional care of the spirit, thus the student will be introduced to spiritual assessment and evidence base spiritual interventions. In applying knowledge learned, there is a culminating case study that focuses on the whole person including that of mind, body, and spirit.

This is an online, self-paced offering.


Register HERE for this event from March 24 - June 30. There is a $400 cost for this event.