Economics, Politics, and Philosophy On the Bluff Series featuring special guests Dr. John List and Mr. Matt Ridley at Concordia Free Enterprise Center. There will be a reception prior to the event that begins at 5 pm.


  • Dr. John List will join us on the evening of September 28th. List is in the economics department at the University of Chicago and the former chair. John is widely known as a founder of experimental economics and his research has been applied to education, marketing, philanthropy, youth violence, the environment, and many other contexts.
  • Matt Ridley will join us on October 17th. He is the former Science and American Section editor of The Economist Magazine and has written best-selling books on innovation including The Rational Optimist and How Innovation Works. Interestingly, he also serves in the UK's House of Lords.


Registration is preferred for this FREE event. Register HERE.

Registration is open from August 21 - October 17, 2022