Master nursing informatics online

Advance your nursing career by making data work for you. In Concordia's nursing informatics program, you'll learn to improve processes and elevate patient care through the analysis of healthcare information. Access, mine, manage and explore data to boost health outcomes, both at the individual patient level and for larger populations. Our online MSN in healthcare informatics will give you the skills you need to take your calling to the next level.

Cost Per Credit$806
Sample Careers
  • Nurse informaticist
  • Clinical Analyst
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist

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Program Overview

Becoming a nurse informaticist is a great way to advance your nursing career in a new direction. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 77% of nurses who work in informatics are "highly satisfied with their choice of career." Concordia's nursing informatics program will help you build upon your nursing experience; you'll learn to use data to improve patient care and organizational efficiency. By looking at the bigger picture and analyzing large amounts of data, you can make meaningful, ethical, evidence-based decisions to help boost health outcomes for entire populations. With an MSN from Concordia, you'll be highly satisfied in your education and your career as a nurse informaticist.

Ranked nationally by U.S. News & World Report

  • Listed in the best online master's in nursing programs nationally
  • Listed in the best master's in nursing programs nationally
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What to Expect

Concordia's School of Nursing centers care around the needs of patients. Our faculty members bring years of experience and current practice into the digital campus environment. Our curriculum is built on a Christian foundation; we are committed to empowering nurse informaticists committed to practicing and advocating for patients with compassion and integrity. You'll be able to put this into practice during a 200-hour informatics residency, which is required as part of the capstone course. Upon graduation, you'll be able to analyze financial, regulatory, procedural, and treatment data to help optimize healthcare systems, with the end goal of providing a better and more complete level of care for those who need it most. You'll be able to leverage data to make informed, evidence-based decisions to improve your organization and the world.

Program outcomes

  1. Integrate liberal arts and sciences into advanced nursing roles and education.
  2. Analyze organizational and systems leadership principles to improve quality and patient safety in advanced nursing roles.
  3. Integrate evidence-based approaches into advanced nursing practice and education.
  4. Integrate healthcare technologies in the delivery, enhancement, and coordination of quality patient care.
  5. Analyze healthcare policies, finances, and regulations that impact healthcare systems.
  6. Integrate patient-centered care using interprofessional teams to improve health outcomes of individuals and populations.
  7. Assume accountability for advanced nursing practice and lifelong learning.
  8. Apply best evidence to assure competence in advanced nursing practice or nursing education with diverse populations.

Consider adding a bachelor's degree in public health which will give you the skills and understanding to help protect and promote the health of the general population through prevention and health equity. Knowledge in public health will enhance your abilities to serve your patients.

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