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You have the vision and ambition to create beautiful and meaningful photographs that communicate your vision to the world. Our program will help you define your fields of interest, sharpen your visual as well as technical skills, and to build a professional portfolio. Concordia’s photography major prepares you for the world ahead with the skills and awareness to pursue your chosen future.

Sample Careers
  • Photographer
  • Camera Operator
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

Develop creative and technical skills to communicate your vision to the world in our photography courses.  

Concordia’s photography courses and overall program is part of a comprehensive curriculum intended to develop your professional skills as well as spiritual and intellectual values. Classes outside your major at Concordia University Wisconsin will provide you with a well-rounded degree in photography. Your studies will include a chosen minor (Marketing, Business, English, or Graphic Design) to help you build the necessary skills for a successful career. Photography courses are supplemented by internship opportunities that will give each student professional experiences, and enhance your preparation for the professional world.

Our program will help you define your fields of interest, sharpen your visual as well as technical skills, and build a professional portfolio.

What to Expect

A wide range of photography courses are offered, including photographic composition, camera usage, studio and natural lighting, editing, digital technologies, contemporary marketing practices, portfolio development, and image presentation. You will develop the ability to photograph a wide array of subject matter with personal intent and professional standards. You will also complete classes in the liberal arts core curriculum, your chosen minor, and foundational art classes throughout your bachelor’s in photography studies. 

We encourage students to develop their own professional techniques and style. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the craft of photography using Concordia’s digital facilities to develop contemporary skills and darkroom facilities to understand and explore historical processes.

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