Matters of matter

Physics is the study of things- the composition and properties of matter- the tendencies and capabilities of energy- and how matter and energy combine to explain how physical objects operate and move in physical space. Dive into the fascinating world of physics with this undergraduate certificate at Concordia.

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Program Overview

Concordia's undergraduate certificates provide students with the opportunity to specialize in another field outside of their major course of study. They can also help secondary/K12 education students earn teacher licensure in various areas of interest.

The physics certificate explores the foundational complexities of the physical world. Learn about the relationship between matter and energy, and how the two combine to explain the movement of objects through physical space.

Upon completion of this certificate, students will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply fundamental physics concepts
  2. Use common laboratory procedures and equipment, often as a member of a team, to gather meaningful data
  3. Analyze and interpret data to arrive at appropriate conclusions
  4. Apply principles of laboratory safety
  5. Communicate and summarize scientific information effectively and accurately in both oral and written form

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