Minimize risk, maximize results.

In the world of business, companies face risks on a daily basis. Whether the risk is an unstable market, worker injuries or liability issues, companies need to strategically think through possible outcomes in order to anticipate potential risks and minimize them. Our MBA in Risk Assessment and Management will help you to do just that. While suited for anyone who meet the academic requirements, this concentration is particularly useful if you have experience in the insurance industry. But, whether you’re working in insurance or you’re looking to use risk management skills in a different industry, this program will give you the skills you need to actively avoid potential risks.

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Program Overview

One of the best skills you can bring to your company is the ability to spot potential risks and create a strategic plan to increase your chance of success. Calculating risk is an essential function of any management position; it enables you to maximize profit margins and be competitive in your industry. Our MBA in Risk Assessment and Management will teach you how to best identify, analyze and manage short- and long-term risks within a large company - while receiving a holistic, faith-based education.

Your professors come with real experience, a wealth of insights to share, and a passion for the field. Plus, our diverse student body means that you’ll go through your courses alongside students who will broaden your perspective. Together you’ll delve into topics such as fraud management, loss prevention, intellectual property and corporate risk finance. And because we want to make this program flexible for you, we offer our courses at our main campus, our off-site locations and online. Wherever you are on the map, you’ll be prepared to make an impact in the world of business and get an edge in the industry.

What to Expect

You’re going to leave this program with a knowledge of the intricacies of different types of insurance, as well as legal issues and fraud management techniques that will keep your company efficient. You’ll be able to strategically assess company decisions, identify potential risks and create safeguards to minimize risk. Plus, you’ll have the hands-on experience of navigating complex legal and financial issues.

Not only will you graduate the program with expertise in risk management, you’ll also have increased financial competence, the ability to clearly communicate your messages and lead diverse groups of people, and strategic thinking skills that will enable you to troubleshoot any challenges that come your way. You’ll even leave the program with a portfolio of your work that you can show potential employers. Wherever you work, you’ll stand out as a strong employee with the knowledge and skillset to bring your company to success.

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