Associate of Arts in Business Management

Our associate's in business management degree is a great way to get started on your path to leadership.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Our bachelor's in business management degree prepares you to become an effective and responsible leader in any organization.

Bachelor of Arts in Construction and Trades Management

Our construction & trades management degree will set you apart from the rest in this in-demand marketplace.

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management

Our healthcare management program will help you as a current healthcare administrators make sure the facility you manage is well taken care of.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

Our human resources bachelor degree teaches students to manage compensation and benefits, recruitment, onboarding, training, and company culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Service - Leadership

Our public service - leadership program will help you be the positive force your community (and the world) needs.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Service - Management of Criminal Justice

Our public service - criminal justice management program will equip you with valuable knowledge of how real world issues are handled.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

No matter where you feel called to take your career, our bachelors in accounting will give you just what you need to pursue it.

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Our actuarial science program affords you the unique opportunity to mix your uncanny math skills with the world of business in a way that truly helps people.

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Organizational Performance

Our program will prepare you to make data-driven decisions that enhance organizational performance, identify emerging markets, and solve complex business problems

Bachelor of Science in Business Communication

Our business communication program will equip you to clearly convey your organization’s information to make an important impact in the world of business.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Economics: the study of human interactions in the marketplace.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a pursuit, it’s a mindset. If you’ve got the drive, you’re already halfway home to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Our finance program allows you to help people find a path to success for their financial future.

Bachelor of Science in General Business

Our business program prepares you for a broad range of career opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Our program will prepare you to be an effective healthcare administrator/manager, to evaluate research applicable to your areas of focus in healthcare, and to demonstrate effective communication to manage your facility/staff.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Event Business

Our hospitality and event business program prepares students for success in the constantly-growing world of hospitality and event management.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource and Strategic Leadership

Meet the dynamic challenges of an ever-changing workforce with a degree designed to prepare you for success.

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Our international business program offers students the global focus that today’s leaders need to effectively manage international business operations.

Bachelor of Science in Justice and Public Policy

Are you interested in protecting the rights of the individual and society? Is upholding the United States Constitution and preserving the ethical and moral fiber of your community important for you? If so, consider a degree in Justice and Public Policy.

Bachelor of Science in Management

This business management program builds a strong foundation and offers broad liberal arts and business training you’ll need to not just manage, but to lead in today’s ever shifting business environment.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Our marketing program is a balance between right-brain creative skills and left-brain strategic abilities. Every marketing professional needs both to be successful.

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations

Public relations influences the way we look at a company, a brand, a product, an athlete, and more. It puts you in control of how others perceive what you represent.

Bachelor of Science in Sport and Entertainment Business

Our sport and entertainment business program gives you the opportunity to pursue a career in the world of athletic and entertainment management.


Certificate in Paralegal Studies

The Paralegal Studies Certificate Program emphasizes learning by doing. Students develop and hone critical thinking, research, communication, strategic problem-solving, and other applied skills with a simulation-focused approach.


Doctor of Business Administration

Impact and grow the business world with evidence-based decision-making skills from this Doctor of Business Administration degree.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (The Mini-MBA)

Our graduate certificate in business administration, also known as the Mini-MBA, teaches students the foundations of MBA knowledge and practices.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our Master of Business Administration program is designed for working professionals. This flexible, customizable MBA from Concordia University Wisconsin will make you ready to take on the challenges of any business.

Master of Science in Accountancy

Advance your accounting education through a blend of theory and practice in our online master's program.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Advance the skillsets you will need to analyze and utilize dynamic data to drive organizational success.

Master of Science in Leadership

Build your leadership competencies and knowledge in the latest theories to be an engaging and trusted leader.

MBA in Accounting

Our MBA in Accounting will equip you for the CPA exam and a career in the corporate world. Earn Your MBA in Accounting online or face-to-face.

MBA in Communications and Public Relations

Our online MBA in communications and public relations will help you convey your message and be heard.

MBA in Finance

Earn your MBA in Finance online or face-to-face. Learn from industry professionals and become a highly competitive candidate in the workforce with a financial MBA from CUW.

MBA in Healthcare Administration

A flexible program that will equip and empower you to make a positive impact on people and the healthcare industry

MBA in Human Resource Management

Establish knowledge in the latest HR practices and learn how to implement effective people management.

MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In this MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship, you'll Learn to think outside the box and use your business know-how to turn your ideas into successful startups.

MBA in Leadership

With an online MBA in leadership, you'll hone your strengths to maximize your talents leading teams and organizations.

MBA in Management

An MBA program that will enhance your skillsets and confidence to advance your career in management.

MBA in Management Information Systems

An online MBA in management in information systems will give you this expertise in managing complex databases and utilize decision support systems.

MBA in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration

With an online MBA in Nonprofit Management and Public Administration, you'll maximize your individual strengths and potential as an effective leader in governmental and/or not-for-profit organizations.

MBA in Operations Management and Analytics

The MBA concentration in operations management & analytics will prepare you to use data analysis to formulate innovative solutions that address the strategic needs of complex organizations.

MBA in Research for Business Applications

Through this MBA concentration, you’ll prepare yourself to lead in research and to enter the Doctor of Business Administration program with credits in hand.

MBA in Strategic Marketing

An online MBA in strategic marketing will help you grab the attention of your organization’s audience and market yourself to potential employers. This MBA in marketing with help you succeed.

MBA in Sustainability

The sustainability program provides cutting-edge curriculum that addresses modern challenges and solutions in this emerging and relevant field.


Minor in Marketing

Our marketing minor is a balance between right-brain creative skills and left-brain strategic abilities. Every marketing professional needs both to be successful.

Minor in Nonprofit Management

With a minor in nonprofit management, you'll strengthen your skills to be an effective leader in governmental and/or not-for-profit organizations.


Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (The Mini-MBA)

Our graduate certificate in business administration, also known as the Mini-MBA, teaches students the foundations of MBA knowledge and practices.