License to learn

Is there a specific topic you’re interested in studying? A specialty you’d like to master, to become a more effective educator? Look no further! The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has approved a full range of graduate-level opportunities at Concordia. We have something for everybody, so take a closer look!

When it comes to licensure, we’ve got you covered! As an educator, you know there’s no such thing as too much knowledge. You’ve probably said this to your students! But it’s true for you too! At Concordia, we have a varied list of licenses you can add to your degree through our Graduate Education programs. The times are changing. Why not be MORE qualified than you ever have been?

Licensure Options

The following licensure options are available through Concordia’s Graduate Education programs. Candidates must complete all required coursework and meet all state requirements.

  • 1395 ESL
  • 1023 Bilingual
  • 1316 Reading Teacher
  • 5017 Reading Specialist
  • 1013 Gifted & Talented Teacher
  • 5013 Gifted & Talented Program Coordinator
  • 5051 Principal
  • 5003 School District Administrator or Superintendent
  • 5010 Director of Instruction
  • 7054 School Counseling
  • 1952 Alternative Education Initial Licensure in Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary Education
  • 1809 Early Childhood Special Education
  • 2801 Cross-Categorical Special Education
  • 1825-Visual Impairment

Have questions or want to learn more about our licensure options? Contact:

Concordia Graduate Admissions | 262.243.4300