Personalized growth and learning

At Concordia, our Academic Community Partnership team provides you with personalized professional development opportunities for growth and training purposes.

Every school, staff, and student body has unique needs. Sometimes, those needs benefit from taking a deeper look at more detailed research in order to gain a more informed perspective. At Concordia, our partnership team provides professional development programs that are specially tailored to serve you.

We work with districts all over the state and participate in local and national conferences to stay current and provide organizations with the most up-to-date professional development opportunities. Our staff is well versed in current research and will meet with you to discuss your unique needs. Programs can be delivered in many ways: site-based, face-to-face cohorts, on-campus, online, blended, or customized.

Whether your staff would like to form a district-specific literacy license cohort for secondary teachers or would just like information on how to achieve better parent-school communication procedures, we can provide expert information on a variety of subjects, customized to your school or district needs. Information is always changing within our schools and culture. Stay on top of it through professional development opportunities provided by Concordia.