The School of Nursing Interprofessional Education program allows you to learn and train with others in health and human services programs, building up your skills as you collaborate and learn how to work with each other.

You’re learning the ins and outs of nursing, but what is it like to work with physical therapists, social workers, or pharmacists? As a health care worker, you will be working with a wide range of other professionals. In our School of Nursing Interprofessional Education program, get real experience working with other health and human services students. Collaborate. Communicate. And become even more skilled in the process.


As a nurse, you’re going to be working with a wide range of other professionals. They all bring interesting talents and expectations to the table. So do you! Why not learn how to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate NOW? In the Interprofessional Education program, learn how to work with others in the health and human services fields, through courses, team-building activities, volunteer and service opportunities, and more! When you build your communication skills, your knowledge base, and your understanding of other health and human service specialties, you will become significantly more qualified to positively impact and nurture your patients in the future.


The question is, what CAN’T be gained by working collaboratively with the people who will someday be your coworkers? In the real world, you will be expected to work with all kinds of health and wellness professionals. Why not start now? This collaborative learning experience will better prepare you for your future.