The PharmD program at Concordia University Wisconsin is a student-centered, career-focused, four-year offering that provides both a great education and the balance you to be not just a pharmacy professional but your own person, as well. You’ll get a world-class education made up of 148 credits while also enjoying your summer and winter breaks free from classes through the end of your third year in the program. This gives you the necessary time to refresh and recharge as you prepare for your professional career as a pharmacist.  


At CUW, our students are family. You are first in everything we do. We believe that keeping priorities balanced is important-so we’ve created a building and schedule that encourages flexibility and balance. Whether you’ve completed two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, are a newly-minted graduate, or a returning student making a career change, CUW provides an environment that meets your educational needs and allows you to also focus on life’s many other obligations.  

Flexible schedule

We have developed a commuter and family-friendly schedule that places the majority of required classroom-based coursework between the hours of 10am and 3pm, Monday–Thursday.  Required patient care laboratory experiences are scheduled by a person instead of a computer to accommodate your scheduling requests. Experiential offerings, described in more detail at Skills of a Pharmacist, also take your career and personal preferences into account when assignments are made. While the program is rigorous, on-campus obligations are kept compact to give you the flexibility to maintain balance and life’s priorities.  

Building a network

In our student-centered curriculum, you’ll work with pharmacists. Lots of pharmacists. That’s important because it’s not just what you know that gets you a future job, but also who you know. Building a professional network of pharmacists while still in school gives you the chance to find your career path in pharmacy, tailor your education to specialize in this career path, and successfully land your dream job upon graduation. Our track record speaks for itself-with more than 99% of our graduates finding their first job upon graduation, many of them being offered a job up to a year before they graduate!

Learn more about your experience in our Student Handbook.