Welcome to the CUW TeamViewer page! Concordia University I.T. uses TeamViewer to connect and then control your computer remotely (over the internet). We recommended waiting for a Concordia support technician to assist you in this process. Click the button to the right to begin.

A preview of CUW’s TeamViewer software is shown on the right. Once you have selected one of the buttons and downloaded TeamViewer, your support technician will ask you to run/execute the software. Once TeamViewer has loaded, it will show similarly to the sample to the right.

Once you provide the Concordia University Technician with both your user ID# and password, the tech will connect to your computer. Your screen may flash, and your desktop wallpaper will be hidden, your desktop will turn black. The technician now has control of your machine. Please refrain from typing or moving the mouse, this will impede in the technicians process.