Music Department

Since 1881, Concordia University’s mission has been teaching and preparing students for careers and vocations that serve The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Music has always been an integral part of that mission. The music department contributes to the spiritual, cultural, artistic, academic and co-curricular aspects to University life on campus. As the campus has grown in scope and size the music department has become more integral to the University mission.

Join Music at CUW!


A broad range of performance opportunities including instrumental, choral, and handbell ensembles is offered within the curriculum. Each year the premier ensemble within each genre takes a tour throughout the region or continental United States. International travel has taken band, choir, and handbells to Asia, Europe, and South America.

The CUW Pep Band at the 2018 Concordia Invitational Tournament.

The Kammerchor Ensemble in front of the monument to pope Alexander VII in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.

The University Band rehearses for Christmas at Concordia.

The value of Music at CUW

In this “outcome-based” collegiate recruitment market, we know that your college music choices are numerous and varied. Please continue to read about how we continue to “accomplish and expand” our music mission. Your participation and study of the “universal language of music” will be accentuated by the following combination of standards unique to Concordia University Wisconsin. We know this will bring unique “value” to your higher education experience:

Uplifting, nurturing and renowned faculty

Our ensemble conductors, classroom professors and applied studio teachers/performers seek to create a non-competitive, engaging learning environment in order for one to improve performance skills.


By the definition of a “Liberal Arts” education, students from a cross-section of majors and minors enroll in music classes in our department which accomplishes a dual purpose: earning academic credits towards the Creative Arts section of the undergraduate Core Curriculum and studying in a field that students find invigorating.

Students of all majors

This is one of the richest parts of our curriculum. The draw of music participants from all university schools including Education, Business, Health and Human Performance, Pharmacy and Arts/Sciences is truly exciting. It exposes each of us to different perspectives on life’s many vocations while demonstrating our collective passion for music.

On the road

You can see the world through music. Our ensembles in all mediums- band, choir, orchestra and hand-bells embark on music performance music tours each year. Band and Choir genres travel internationally every 4 years. To date our departmental ensembles have performed in 42 states (including Hawaii) as well as Europe, South America and several parts of Asia.

Non-music majors

Academic major does not restrict the selection of principal players and soloists in our ensembles. If you have the passion, dedication and talent, you will be featured in concerts at home, on the road or on our many departmental recordings.

Our most important mission

We recognize that music is an undeserved gift from God. With this humbleness we accept our mission and our expansion of the mission to perform music for “Glory to God Alone” - Soli Deo Gloria

Department Chair

Dr. Louis Menchaca

Since the Fall of 1992, Dr. Louis A Menchaca has coordinated all aspects of the instrumental music division: ensembles, instruction and administration. Described by professional colleagues as the “future model for music education,” he actively engages in teaching, conducting, and performance of wind band, orchestral and jazz ensembles.

As leader of a CUW ensemble, “Dr. M” has led music concert tours and scholarly presentations in 38 states and throughout Europe. His ensembles have been featured in local, state, regional and international media outlets, including telecasts, radio, print, webcasts and professional music associations. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble has been named semi-finalist in the “American Prize” Music competition for collegiate bands.

CUW Music alumni are the greatest accomplishments for Dr. Menchaca. Having served as a mentor for both music and non-music majors, his students hold music-teaching and administrative positions across the United States and in the military. Music teacher preparation remains the most important part of his ministry. In addition to the ensembles, he continues to supervise music student teachers, teaches instrumental conducting, and has served as Music Department Chair for the past 25 years.